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Benefits Of Nutmeg

Yag Nutmeg Myristica fragrans possess scientific name is a plant that comes from the Banda Islands, Maluku. Nutmeg is a spice typical of the Moluccas which has long been known as a spice. Pala became one of the outstanding commodity in the early 16th century. Even the beginning of foreign invaders into the archipelago one of which is due to our natural wealth will spice.

Indonesia is blessed with an incredible biodiversity, particularly in terms of spice plants and medicinal plants. Nutmeg is one of the original commodity archipelago that has now spread to the world. Although now much nutmeg-producing countries other than Indonesia, but nutmeg from the Banda Islands in Maluku remains to be the best in the World.

We certainly are no stranger to hear the name of nutmeg, other fruit seeds, nutmeg meat is also rich in benefits. As we know that the seeds of the nutmeg has been used since ancient times as a spice and herbs. In addition to creating a more stable aroma cuisine, nutmeg is also widely used as a herbal remedy to overcome a variety of diseases.

Benefits Nutmeg

According to various studies conducted by experts to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of nutmeg, it was found that nutmeg contains chemical compounds that are beneficial to health. Skin and flesh nutmeg for example, both rich in essential oils and tanning substances. While the flowers contain volatile oil, tannin substances and starch. Iji own nutmeg contains volatile oils, saponins, myristicin, lipase, pectin, acid and oleanolat lemonena.

Almost all parts of nutmeg contains chemical compounds that are useful. Some of the benefits include nutmeg treat insomnia, treat colds, digestion and increases appetite, carminative (smooth flatulence), relieve menstrual pain, treat arthritis and nausea engatasi like to be sick. In addition to the benefits in the treatment of the above, nutmeg is also useful in other areas especially the culinary field.

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