Rabu, 16 November 2011

Spinach Vegetable Benefits

Nutrients found in vegetables Spinach is: a form of iron Fe2 + (ferro), if the spinach too long to interact with the O2 (Oxygen), the Fe2 + content in spinach are oxidized to Fe3 + (ferri). Although both iron, which are beneficial to humans is ferro, ferri other that is the case with pesticides. So do once in a while to warm spinach that has been pemasakkan in the form of food.

In general, the spinach can improve the performance of the kidneys & digestion. Spinach leaves is used to clean the blood after childbirth, strengthens hair roots and treat low blood pressure, poor blood (anemia) and kidney failure. In addition to the above benefits, spinach has properties to prevent loss of sight due to age to age (macular degeneration), disease, cancer , cataracts and birth defects. Spinach is a source of great lutein and folate, which helps prevent heart disease & babies born with disabilities. the folic acid content in spinach is also able to protect heart muscle from higher rates of glucose containing soluble and B9. This vitamin is usually a supplement for pregnant women to protect babies from defects in the nerve. Benefits of Spinach, weakening the formation of gallstones rich in magnesium as well as spinach, fish, dry beans Almon, avocados, bananas, raisins. Vegetable spinach provides iron Anti-anemia but iron in spinach is not easily absorbed.

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