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Benefits Of Sapodilla

 Sapodilla fruit is one fruit that is widely known by our society. Sapodilla fruit memliliki good taste and fragrant aroma makes everyone would love it. Sapodilla or sapota Achras has the scientific name is pasa originally came from the area around Central America and Mexico. Sawo widely planted by our society as garden plants to enjoy fruit, while in some countries such as Mexico, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, India and Guatemala this fruit has been cultivated commercially.
Sapodilla fruit is usually consumed directly as fresh fruit, but it is currently too much sapodilla fruit processed into a wide variety of foods and beverages processed but not yet commercially cultivated. Sapodilla fruit can be found in stores fruit when harvest season arrives.

Sapodilla Fruit Ingredients

Seeds are black or brown dark brown oval flat shape somewhat elongated. Brown seeds contain lots of quercetin, saponins and oil as much as 23 percent. But you should not eat brown beans because they contain a toxic hydrocyanic acid. In addition, interest sapodilla is the main ingredient manufacture parem. Parem the powder used for traditional medicine applied to new mothers.
Sweet and delicious fruit flavor makes it one of the much-loved fruit. The sweet taste of this fruit is as rich in brown sugar with some 16 to 20 percent. The content of sapodilla fruit is not just sugar, sapodilla fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Additionally sapodilla fruit is also rich in fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron minerals.

Sapodilla fruit has excellent nutrition, sapodilla fruit rich in potassium and low in sodium content so sapodilla fruit is very good for heart health and blood vessels. Consumption of 100 grams of sapodilla fruit each day can also meet the need of vitamin C a 24.5 percent of the body's vitamin C every day. Sapodilla fruit also contains folic acid that the body in the formation of red blood cells.

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