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Benefits of Longan

Longan (picture
Longan (longan Dimocarpus) is the fruit of plants originating from mainland Southeast Asia. Plants that emerged in mainland China is a family of rambutan and lychee fruit. In Mandarin, litchi called "guo ong yes" or "long yan" which means dragon eye. While in Indonesia, the fruit is popularly known as "cat eyes".
The fruit is round, white, clear, and contain lots of water. In the middle of the fruit seeds are black or dark brown. Meat contains many litchi fruit nutrients essential for health and freshness. There are sucrose, glucose, protein (vegetable), fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartarik acid and phytochemical (plant chemical) Other useful for health.

Combination of these phytochemical compounds gave birth to a variety of benefits, among other things, relax the nerves. It gives a sense of calm so efficacious to overcome anxiety, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating.

"The content fitokimianya serves to relax the nerves alias can provide a calming effect. Thus, for small children who have trouble sleeping, eat longan. Anxiety symptoms (anxiety) or even difficult to sleep can be reduced by consuming longans, "said Yunita, STP of Herbal Nutrition Club Bandung, Dago Plaza, Bandung.
Longan has a sedative (calming), which can reduce the heartbeat that is too hard. Longan also contain complex carbohydrates (sucrose) and glucose so that it can increase energy, increase energy, reduce hunger, to improve stamina.

"The protein it contains can help heal the gut and improve the absorption of food until the launch of urination," says this graduate of IPB.

Litchi fruit can also strengthen the spleen, increased production of red blood, increase appetite, and increase energy. Therefore, this fruit is best eaten by people who are in the process of bleaching stamina after illness. Do people with diabetes should eat this fruit? Dependent of each of the goals of the benefits of what a person will be taken and the resistance of the sugar compound. There may be restrictions on the consumption of sugar for people with certain diseases, such as diabetes and so on, "he explained.

According to him, should people eat litchi fruit every day as much as 250 grams (a quarter) fresh litchi fruit. To cope with anxiety (anxiety) and insomnia / anxiety, daily drink 1 tablespoon of reformulated longan (liquid or syrup). Way, take 500 grams of fresh longan meat and 500 grams sugar, bring to a boil in approximately 500 ml of water, and stir until thick.

Longan can also brighten the eyes and maintain healthy skin (face). "The negative impact to people in general do not exist if you eat longan in excess," he added. This is possible because it is basically litchi fruit energy supplement that contains phytochemicals, that are safe for consumption, except by people who suffer from degenerative diseases such as sugar.

Besides meat, roots, leaves, and seeds can also be used to cure diseases. Litchi roots beneficial for blood circulation. Longan leaves as anti-inflammatory and fever reducer. And seeds can be used to heal burns

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