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7 benefits of vegetable beans

Beans for health benefits - Have you eat this vegetable? Vegetables that include legumes - these legumes are rich in protein and vitamins that can help lower high blood pressure and blood sugar metabolism escort. This vegetable is perfect eaten by those who suffered from diabetes or hypertension. The fiber content and high enzyme that can help you lose weight

What was it just snaps for health benefits? Of course not, growing vegetables wrapped around green and still save a million other healthy benefits. Well, here below are among others :

1. Clean digestion
Beans are rich in fiber. Fiber is what can cleanse your digestive system of toxins and preventing the irritable bowel.

2. Good for Diabetics
As mentioned above, it is suitable consumed Beans people with diabetes. Levels of glycemic index of beans is very low, so it does not harm when consumed by people affected by diabetes. In addition, the content glyconutrient in it can help control your blood sugar.

3. Healthy heart
Eating beans can maintain the health of your heart, because the beans can lower LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. These vegetables also contain fiber, folic acid and potassium, which can prevent heart complications

4. Matches in the consumption of pregnant women
When you are pregnant, it is advisable to reproduce or frequent consumption of these vegetables. Because folic acid content in the beans useful for preventing birth defects. In addition, its vitamin K content can improve the development of fetuses.

5. Stronger bones
Beans also proved contains calcium and phosphorus. Both minerals are very beneficial to strengthen your bones.

6. Quieting the mind
Beans also has hypoglycemic properties that can soothe the nerves, reduce stress levels, and can improve your mental health. The result will be a calmer mind and control.

7. Smooth circulation of blood
Health benefits of beans for the latter is able to blood circulation. Iron contained in beans well to increase production of hemoglobin that allows blood mengankut more oxygen around the body so that the blood circulation will even become more smoothly.

That's the benefit to the health of vegetable beans. After knowing the many benefits of this vegetable, you may initially dislike eating vegetables, more expensive again for taking them. May be useful.

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