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top 7 Fruits to Smooth Skin

who would not want if the skin soft and smooth, a variety of ways will surely do to soften your skin. Sometimes we think that smoothes the skin it must be surgically or buy a wide variety of drugs to speed up the process of smoothing your skin. When in fact the only fruits of your skin can become smooth. Due to the good performances we will be more confident in any condition. Surely the women, surely obligatory to maintain the appearance of one of them is to soften the skin. Smooth skin is the dream of every woman, and therefore many ways will be a woman in order to get the smooth skin.

Smoothes the skin is usually done in various ways ranging from wearing cosmetics, disalon care, medicine and can also consume fruits. So here we will share information with eating fruits can soften your skin, such as:

1. Avocado
With vitamin E avocado able to soften your skin and replace dead skin cells and can cope with dry skin due to daily activities

2. Tomatoes
The fruit is often used mainly to smooth the skin, how to slice a thin layer of the fruit is then placed on your skin.

3. Pineapple
Pineapple is very useful for smoothing your skin and can clean up of the skin rough and dry. The trick is easy once, just rub it on the skin of fruit that want smooth.

4. Lemon
Besides delicious fruit for consumption were also good for your skin's health. The trick more or less the same as using tomatoes.

5. Kiwi
This fruit works to increase the amount of collagen in your body, so your skin looks smoother and firmer.

6. Papaya
Fruit is often consumed with how in the juice and add a little honey and fruit also contains collagen which is good for the health of your skin.

7. Cucumber
Fruit most often diapakai for face and body masks and of course the women already know how to use the fruit to soften the skin. Absolutely, like using tomatoes and lemon.

And in fact there are many more pieces that can smooth the skin, such as berries, semngka, orange, guava and others. By dijudul only explained 7 fruits that can smooth the skin, then hanay to 7 pieces which can be described details. A few of my articles may be useful, especially you women as well. Hopefully more and more beautiful and stay young.

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