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Benefits of Guava

Benefits of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is very much because guava is a fruit that many nutrients and can be used to treat some types of diseases.

Guava contains vitamin C, as much as 2x the amount of vitamin C in sweet orange. The content of vitamin C is most abundant in the skin and flesh, especially when the fruits are ripe. With this amount of vitamin C, guava is one of the advantages is that they strengthen immunity.

Benefits of Guava by the content of pectin, which supports a water-soluble fiber. With the presence of pectin can also decrease the benefits of guava cholesterol. On this, has never been a study by Singh Medical Hospital and Research Center Morrabad, India. The research results showed that guava can lower blood pressure and total cholesterol levels to help.

Guava also contains plenty of lycopene. This has the advantage of protecting lycopene as an antioxidant to the body against cancer. In addition, more content in guava are beneficial is eugenol (essential oils), tannins, fixed oils, tannins, resins, acids and apple triterpinoid.

The effectiveness of Guava

Enjoy a variety of guava we can get with the right recipes. Based on the documentation and Parimin PDII SP-LIPI, the benefits of guava are used to the disease in some recipes the presentation be treated as follows:

  1. Guava to strengthen the heart, cancer and facilitate digestion. You can made from a juice guava, apple and melon. Combine all three and enter the result of about 100 cc of pure honey. Then smooth mix and drink it every morning and evening.
  2. Guava for the treatment of the ulcer. Give you about 8 pieces guava leaves. Thoroughly washed and boiled with water as much as 1.5 liters. Boiled water they drink 3 times a day.
  3. Guava to treat dysentery. Enter the roots and leaves of guava flavor. Cut into small pieces, wash them clean and cook until boiling. Boiled water to drink regularly, until there are no complaints.

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