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Eating Durian to Cope with illness

Diseases which may be overcome with Eat Durian. Hearing of the durian that comes to mind is a delicious fruit, but the evil, because super high fat content. But fear not the first, if not excessive durian eating can be just the medicine.
Most durian contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not only that other substances such as fiber, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and iron are also in there.
Because of the high calorie content durian fruit is hot so that patients with diabetes or pregnant women are advised not to eat durian.
Imagine that in 100 grams of durian contained 147 kcal. That is, when a people 1 kg durian, the number of calories that it has received 1470 kcal, or are comparable to meal portions to eat for 1 day.
Durian also contains much sugar, even if it can maintain biological manganese blood sugar levels are stable. For pregnant women durian is probably not good because they contain lots of sugar and a little alcohol.
Although there are no studies proving that the durian trigger contractions and miscarriage, pregnant women are advised not to eat much fruit.
Digestive disorders can also occur when the durians consumed with alcoholic beverages. Research at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and to prove even in sulfur durian inhibit the metabolism of alcohol and can lead to death.

Well, that's all the dangers that exist on the durian, eaten too much or when coupled with high-cholesterol foods like meat or alcohol.
On the other hand, durian, as the "queen of fruits" also called a lot of advantages, which won not only from the fruits, but the skin and leaves are also useful. Her skin was able to repel mosquitoes and treat ringworm are often used as ingredients, while the leaves for fevers.
However, since not many people who eat durian makes the skin especially of the delicious durian flesh advantage is certainly more available.

Quote from Healthmad, Friday (12/11/2010), the following are some illnesses that by eating durian fruit, which can not be too much to overcome.
  1. The overcoming of constipation, because a lot of fiber include
  2. The overcoming of anemia, folic acid or vitamin B9 because it is necessary to produce red blood cells contain
  3. Maintaining healthy skin because it contains vitamin C, the antioxidant and anti-aging
  4. Contains much potassium or calcium, so good for healthy bones and joints
  5. Origin not eat too much, the manganese content in the durian keep blood sugar levels remain stable
  6. Copper-containing compounds that can keep the health of the thyroid
  7. Keeping appetite, because many of thiamine or vitamin B1 include
  8. The overcoming of migraine, because it contains the compound riboflavin or vitamin B2
  9. Relieves stress and depression because it contains vitamin B6 or pyridoxine
  10. The maintenance of oral health because they contain posphor.

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