Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Benfits of Star Fruits

Latin name Averrhoa Carambola fruit is certainly not foreign to us. Elliptical with strong ribs of five years with a fresh taste sweet, very tempting. In international circles, the result is known as star fruit. This is because the appearance of the fruit to the horizontal cut that looked like a star.

Fruit from India or Sri Lanka, not only is grown in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, but also known in the countries of sub-tropical climates, such as America and Australia. This is because the star is sweet fruit and easy to grow in places with an altitude of 000-500 m above sea level with high rainfall and got a lot 'of the sun.

Fruit that can flower throughout the year and collected three times a year also has a brother in starfruit fruit or vegetables starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi). You feel more mature and widely used for seasoning dishes, especially to give a sour taste in food.

Sweet star fruit is effective as antipyretic and expectorant, so it can be used to treat cough in children. The fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C has benefits such as antiinflasi, analgesic and diuretic, so it is good for healing coughs, ulcers, sore throat, fever over, to overcome the problem of diabetes and cholesterol. Its vitamin C content is high even for cancer patients consumed. The roots of sweet fruit star is also believed to cure headaches and joint pain. While the leaves can be used to treat stomach ulcers, inflammation of skin ulcers and ulcers.

Despite many benefits for patients with kidney disease should be careful with this fruit because it contains a lot of oxalic acid which is harmful to them.

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