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Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

Who does not know the guava fruit? Of course everyone knows and often eat it. The sweet taste and vitamin content in it makes this fruit is widely consumed by the community. In addition to the fruit that can be eaten and has many benefits, it leaves also can be consumed to treat various diseases.

Not only that, now guava leaves can also overcome various problems that occur in your face. Inside guava leaves there are many substances that are good for health and beauty of the face. Antioxidants contained in the leaves contain antiseptics that can kill germs that cause trouble beauty problems. So what are the benefits of guava leaves for the face and how to use it?

In general, the benefits of guava fruit is to treat dengue fever. The content of vitaminnya can reduce platelets in the patient's body. Then, these young guava leaves can also be used to treat stomach diseases such as diarrhea. For that, for more details, will be discussed some of the benefits produced by guava leaves.
the benefits of guava leaves for faces

Benefits of Guava Leaf for a Beautiful Natural Look

Eliminate acne and scars
Acne is a very scary thing for some people. Acne skin will look dull and less pleasing to the eye. Therefore, many of them use a variety of chemical drugs to eliminate them. Apparently there is a natural way that can be used to remove acne and scars. The trick is by applying the juice of this guava leaf. Choose some fresh guava leaves then wash them thoroughly. After that add water and squeeze the leaves. After that, apply the juice to the face of acne and do regularly, surely your acne will dry out.

Eliminating blackheads
In addition to acne medication, it turns out the benefits of guava leaves for the face is to remove blackheads. Blackheads are dirt residual makeup or dust that sticks to the face usually in the nose. Guava leaves can be used to remove it by means of scrubs. Rub ruby leaves that have been finely ground into a face that mengkedo and let stand a few minutes. After that rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Prevent early pening or wrinkles
Wrinkles or early penis become the scariest specter for people in their thirties. Some people want to keep his face young with no wrinkles at all. Well, to prevent premature aging, can be done by using guava leaves. This leaves need to be boiled until cooked and boiled water used to wash the face. If done every day, your facial skin will look younger and free of wrinkles.

Treating itching or allergies on the skin
Allergies and itching of the skin can be caused by several factors, among others, due to lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the body. It can also be itchy due to incorrect eating and unsuitable cosmetic use. Allergies can cause the face to become red spots.
Well, the benefits of guava leaves for the next face is to treat itching or allergies. Way, the leaves smoothed first and then smeared into the face that experience itching and allergies. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

It turns out very easy to overcome and treat beauty problems without using chemicals, is not it? That's some of the benefits of guava leaves for faces that can be tried at home without spending an expensive cost. By using natural ingredients available in your environment, all facial problems can be handled practically.

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