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Benefits of Apple Fruit

Apples are one fruit that is easily found in various parts of the world. Chance is not more than seven thousand types of apples around the world. Although the shape, size, color, flavor, and texture of each different type of apple, but in general the fruit is rounded at the base of the basin reach so. White flesh, crisp, juicy with sweet or sour, and is protected by a thin skin is usually light shine. When cut, will come out good aroma and fresh, although there are some sharp-scented.

A portion of apples contain more potassium, pectin, and cellulose. Abundant pectin in apple flesh and is one of the fiber does not dissolve in water. Cellulose while many apples on the skin and is water-soluble fiber. Potassium own abundant in red apples.

Here are the nutrition and benefits of apples:

Reduce the risk of stroke .
Potassium is a mineral that works to improve the regularity of heart rate, activating muscle contractions, regulating delivery of nutrients to the cells, control fluid balance in tissues and cells of the body, and helps regulate blood pressure. According to research, a portion of apples could reduce the risk of stroke up to 40%.

Alternative food for dieters energetic and controlling the disease diabetes .
Pectin can form a gel in the gut until the time required to move food waste from the mouth to the anus becomes longer and longer time a person becomes satiated. In addition, it also could slow the entry of glucose from the digestion of carbohydrates into the bloodstream so it can control your diabetes.

Reduce the risk of heart attack .
Pectin also binds a variety of substances, including cholesterol , and reduce the absorption from the intestinal tract. This form of fiber can lower blood cholesterol levels. According to research, the pectin in apples may lower LDL cholesterol to 10% and decrease HDL cholesterol and 20%, which is both a cause of heart attacks.

Clean the teeth.
Feel crisp apples can help relieve the sticky material on the teeth, thus triggering the production of saliva, so as to clean the teeth.

It should be noted that the apples that have been processed normally fiber structure is broken, so, if for the needs of health / medicine, we recommend consuming fresh apples, not treatment.

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