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Benefits of Jengkol

Jengkol or Jering in Latin Pithecollobium, Jiringa or Pithecollobium Labatum is typical of plants in Southeast Asia, including the popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, especially in West Java who consumed ± 100 tons a day. Jengkol including leguminous plants. The fruit in the form of pods and flat shape convoluted, dark violet color. Ari thin-skinned fruit seed with shiny brown color. Jengkol can cause odor after being processed and processed by the digestion.Why Jengkol it has a sharp smell? Not far from the reason why petai smell, the smell was actually the cause of the amino acids contained in the seed jengkol. Amino acids were dominated by amino acids containing the element sulfur (S). When degraded or fragmented into smaller components, the amino acids that will produce various flavor components are very smelly, because of the sulfur. One of the gas formed by the element that is a famously H2S gas odor.Odor generated from jengkol was actually quite disturbing, especially for someone who does not partake. If you are eating, despite the smell, at least, has been enjoying the delights jengkol. But for others who did not share, but only got the smell, it would be very annoyed. Especially with the release of urine. If this jengkol eaters pee in the toilet and rinse less than perfect, then the toilet will smell bad and disturbing the peace of others.For the connoisseurs of jengkol, jengkol claimed to have a similar flavor even with the taste of meat. Because after jengkol processed can be very soft and if eaten not leave skid-skid on the teeth. Even at one area in Indonesia jengkol presented in the form of processing jengkol sate.Ada some way so as not to smell too overpowering. Most people soak jengkol before process them into food. Jengkol soaked to reduce the smell and that it may be more lenient to be processed further. Jengkol most often processed into stew jengkol way split into two parts and ground-mashed up more flat. After disemur and then eat, smell jengkol barely smell it again, and it feels good. Jengkolan Jengkol will leave a substance called jengkolat acid (jencolid acid) in the digestive system that is discharged into the kidney called jengkoleun or jengkolan. 

jengkolat that occurs when acid is difficult to dissolve in water finally settles in the kidneys, forming solid crystals could be hard to dispose of urine. If our blood pH neutral, acid jengkolat safe, but if you tend to be acidic (pH less than 7), jengkolat acid forming insoluble crystals.Jengkolat acid content in seeds jengkol varies, depending on the variety and age of seeds jengkol. The numbers between 1-2% of the seed weight jengkol. But it is clear jengkolat acid can cause health problems. Penyebabknya jengkolat acid crystals are formed that will clog the urinary tract. If the crystal is increased, then kelama-lamaan may cause while removing urine. Even if the formation of an infection that is likely to cause further disruptions.Jengkolat acid has a molecular structure that resembles the amino acid cysteine ​​containing elemental sulfur,thereby participating in the formation of the smell. Molecules present in the form of free and soluble in water. Therefore a certain amount jengkolat acid can form crystals.Not everyone can be affected jengkolan, jengkolan could be due to many factors such as how much to consume jengkol and levels of susceptibility. Vulnerable people, eating little jengkol alone can cause jengkolan. What affects one's susceptibility to acid jengkolat unclear, but may be due to genetic and environmental factors. 

Benefits of Jengkol 
Jengkol has good efficacy for preventing diabetes and heart health. Jengkol plants alone is estimated to have high levels of water absorption from the soil

Odor Eliminating Jengkol
How to eliminate odor not unlike the way jengkol deodorizing petai. As the use of coffee, cucumber or using raw rice. Raw rice crushed and then the collisions in the eating. There are more tips that I have found that after taking the vitamin B complex.

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