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Benefits of coconut water weight loss

benefit of coconut water
coconut water
Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is the sole member of the clan of the tribe of palm Cocos-arenan or Arecaceae . This plant is used almost all the parts by humans that is considered as a versatile plant, especially for the coast . Coconut is also the name for the fruit of this plant produced.

This plant is expected to come from the coast of the Indian Ocean on the side of Asia , but is now widespread throughout coastal tropical world.

Coconut since ancient times known as a multipurpose tree, almost throughout its parts can be used for human needs.

Here are some of the benefits of coconut: 
  1. Coconut trunks. Trunks of palm trees can be used as timber with high quality that can be used as a board for home furniture.
  2. Coconut leaves. The leaves of the coconut tree can be used as roofing for modest home after being dried, the leaves are still easily be used as a woven fabric such as coconut, diamond, baskets, fans, handbags and even sandals leaves and stalks can be made of sticks.
  3. Bunches Flowers coconut. Bunches relationship is called the Virgin commonly used as a decoration in the wedding ceremony flowers can also be eaten straight females.
  4. Sweet liquid that comes out of the flower stalk is called coconut sap can be drunk directly as a refreshing drink and can also be fermented into wine.
  5. Coconut fruit. This part is the part that has the highest economic value, the coconut husk can be sold as a filler material for the seat, ayaman rope, fuel, mats as well as growing media for orchid plants. Shells or coconut shells can be used as material for handicrafts, as a fuel or activated charcoal.
  6. Endosprema fluid attached to the coconut meat can be used as a refreshing drink as they contain many enzymes that have benefited as a neutralizing toxins.
  7. Coconut meat. The meat of young coconuts can be used as material for coconut ice, fruit flesh is old and hardened can be shredded and taken juice called coconut as a cake mix, and other vegetables, coconut meat that is old can also be used a way to be dried copra and can be sold at high value to be used as material for coconut oil.
  8. Coconut water. Coconut water can be used as a natural isotonic beverage because it contains ions needed by the body and can also be used as drugs to treat diseases such as fever, poisoning and heat inside. In the coconut water contains sugar, fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Coconut water is also very effective for motion sickness on the way, coconut water can also be used as material for the manufacture of soy sauce and coconut juice or nata de coco
  9. Coconut oil. Since ancient times the oil from coconuts have been known as a healer, oil from coconut can be taken to the diet, and can be applied kerambut to get a shiny black hair.

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