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Benefits of Grapes

The grapes have long been famous as a fruit that has a special and memorable taste great, but used to make beverages wien a high flavor of wine is also usually in the form of direct consumption gbuah fresh, otherwise it anggurpun used as cheese and processed into raisins as a mixture ingredient of bread.
In terms of content anggurpun fruit contain vitamins and compounds that function to the health of the body, among the benefits contained in the seeds, bark and fruit are as follows:

1. Can prevent the occurrence of stroke
Grape seed good for preventing stroke because it contains endungeoned pycnogenol, a substance that can deflect the amplifier kologen blood vessels (anti aging), health experts said the nutrition community, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Ali Khomsan, here on Wednesday. According to Ali, aged aged man, his veins will be more fragile and susceptible to blockages that cause strokes and coronary heart disease. Pycnogenol serves to flex the blood vessels are susceptible to freezing. Ali's research results, the substance is widely available on pycnogenol grape seed, both local and imported wines from some other country. "What happened during this, if people actually eat seeded grapes, but for the extraordinary health benefits," he said.
Grape seed also be more lenient than bean chili, so it will not endanger the health of the intestines such as appendicitis and others. "The only seed that could make chili beans appendectomy just because it is hard and can not be digested by the body," he said.
Meanwhile, the grape skins are also very rich in flavonoids which are substances that can block free radicals, because the grape skins contain oxidants is higher than with vitamin C.
Thus the skin of grapes is very good for preventing the aging process in skin, will make people who eat more fresh look.
The high content of antioxidants in grape skin, says Ali, making fruit wines are also very good consumed by smokers or people who live in areas with air pollution levels are high enough, such as in Jakarta.
While the fruit is rich in potassium which is used to control blood pressure. "The grapes were like coconuts, all the parts have benefits for humans," he said.
Grapes, he said, the good consumed two servings daily, one serving between 6-8 seeds. However, it does not matter if the need interspersed with a variety of other fruits.
"Indonesia is rich with fruits, so eating a variety of fruits in turn is also quite good for health," said dia.Menghindari there still exists an inherent chemical substances in grapes, he said, should be washed before eating the fruit in a clean first .
"It's not uncommon for people to eat grapes peeled and deseeded. We recommend that all parts are quite expensive fruit that is eaten, "he said.
2. Serves to Prevent Heart Attack
Do you throw in grape seeds while eating grapes? From now leave these habits because grape seeds prevent heart attacks. Thus revealed Expert Health Community Nutrition Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan. "Inside there is pycnogenol grape seed," Ali said in a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (1 / 7). Pycnogenol is a collagen booster that works to improve the structure of blood vessels (anti aging). According to Ali, the more we age it will be more fragile blood vessels. "If it so it will easily clogged blood vessels by fat and cholesterol, called atherosclerosis," said Ali. Atherosclerosis, added Ali, an early sign of heart attack and cessation of heart function.
So that this does not happen, then what is needed is rejuvenating the blood vessels and make it always pliable. "Once again pycnogenol which is non-nutritional substances found in grape seed beneficial to rejuvenate blood vessels and make it always pliable. This is important for those whose age was more uphill, "said Ali.
How many consume wine? "Essentially, every day we should eat two servings of fruit and varied every day. For wine, an equivalent of 6-8 servings of fruit wines. No need every day. Each day of eating is not prohibited, but expensive wine is not it? "He explained.
Associated with the threat of pesticides in fruit peel, Ali said not to worry. Existing pesticides are water soluble, so before consuming fruit including grapes wash with running water while buffed. Thus, continued Ali, because it's so important grape seed then do not hesitate to eat it. "Because bitter chew rather then swallow it. Safe, because I think it will not make the appendix, "he said.

3. Useful as tension lowering blood (anti-hypertensive)
Grapes that have been popular in Indonesia to benefit society for people with hypertension. Because the potassium contained in grapes that can suppress the sodium (salt) excess.
"Therefore, patients with hypertension should consume lots of potassium," said Health Specialist Community Nutrition Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan a news conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (1 / 7).
Ali further said that the potassium serves to remove excess potassium in the body. "Hypertension is mostly sodium. When we urinate disposal of sodium occurs. Excess sodium causes the inability of the kidneys in removing sodium to interfere with blood flow and lead to hypertension, "said Ali.
However, added Ali, hypertension is not only happening because most sodium, as well as kidney damage and obesity. "The treatment must be thorough, not only salt but also check your diet and cure kidney and tackle obesity," he said.
In addition there is in wine, potassium are also found in watermelon, banana and cucumber. How much to consume wine? "Essentially, every day we should eat two servings of fruit and varied every day. For wine, an equivalent of 6-8 servings of fruit wines. No need every day. Each day of eating is not prohibited, but expensive wine is not it? "He explained.

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