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Benefit of Sprouts can prevent Cancer

In America, 1 in 5 deaths caused by cancer. Based on data from the American Cancer Society, cancer deaths in women are dominated by breast cancer by 19 percent, 16 percent of lung cancer, and colon and rectal cancer 15 percent. Ali Khomsan

Meanwhile, the dominant male cancer as a cause of death was lung cancer (34 percent), cancer of the colon and rectum (12 percent), and prostate (10 percent).
Diets rich in fat in epidemiological studies indicate a strong link with the emergence of breast cancer or colon cancer. Low fat content and high fiber intake as on a vegetarian diet is known to cause the low incidence of cancer.

Certain hormones may be partly responsible for the appearance of tumors. This hormone expenditure triggered by high fat consumption. For example, the hormone prolactin (serum) that stimulates tumor growth was increased when our diet is rich in fat.

Foods contain substances causing substances (promoters) and preventer (inhibitors) as well as cancer. The extent to which achieved a balance between the two components will greatly determine whether we will be at risk of getting cancer or not.

Alcohol may act as the cause of cancer through various channels. First, alcohol is directly toxic to the cell body. Secondly, alcohol can be a vehicle to be boarded kokarsinogen. Third, alcohol causes immune system disorders. Alcohol is a direct cause of cancer is still questionable scientific evidence. However, it seems no doubt that alcohol can be a promoter of tumorigenesis.

The immediate cause of cancer seems to remain difficult to detect. This is because the appearance of cancer that requires a relatively long time after a certain eating pattern is applied. However, given the epidemiological evidence linking dietary habits (food habits) a group of people with cancer incidence, lessons can be drawn about the need to watch your intake of nutrients derived from natural food, and consumed as needed to taste the body.

All cabbage belong to the cruciferous group, this group is known because the content of sulforaphane and indoles its efficacious as anticancer. Research on indoles proved its ability mendeaktivasi estrogen metabolite that causes tumors, especially in breast cells. At the same time indoles increases specific compounds that are protective against cancer.

In addition to suppressing the growth of tumor cells, indoles also can reduce the metastatic process of cancer cells. Metastasis is the movement of cancer cells to other parts of the body resulting in the spread of tumor cells.

Meanwhile, sulforaphane served to increase the role of the enzyme responsible for detoxification. With the optimal detoxification, cancer-causing carcinogenic substances can be more quickly removed. In addition, the study of sulforaphane and its effect on tumors in mice showed that sulforaphane causes tumors grow more slowly and weighed less. Sulforaphane can cause apoptosis (cell suicide of cancer) in leukemia cells and melanoma.

Many people already know the benefits of eating plant-based foods, like vegetables and fruits are rich in phytonutrients (plant nutrients). Phytonutrients can prevent cancer because it serves as an antioxidant, which can prevent the body's various cell damage caused by free radical attack.

A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, USA, which involved human samples of more than 1,000 people revealed that those who diligently eating vegetables may reduce the risk of colon cancer by 35 percent, while those eating cabbage can reduce cancer risk 44 percent. While studies in the Netherlands with a sample of more than 100,000 people are relatively the same result, namely vegetable consumption may reduce colon cancer risk 25 percent, cabbage can reduce the risk to 49 percent. This confirms that the role of cabbage as a vegetable anticancer reliable.

Cabbage can reduce the risk of lung cancer by up to 30 percent in the non-smokers. In the group of smokers, better yet, that reduce the risk of lung cancer to 69 percent. So, this could be good news for smokers, if it can not stop smoking do not forget to always eat cabbage as a vegetable friend rice.

Until now there has been known to cause cancer drugs and is also quite diverse. Detection of cancer often too late to rescue become increasingly difficult. Therefore, preventive efforts should be an advantage to overcome cancer. This is where nutrition plays a vital role to offer prevention process so that the deadly disease can be avoided.

Eating cabbage may not be a guarantee that you will be free of cancer. However, at least risk for developing the disease becomes smaller due to nutrients and other substances in the cabbage has been proven efficacious for health.

Familiarize yourself eating cabbage 3-5 serving per week is highly recommended. One serving equals 1 cup. Choosing cabbage are grown organically clear will bring greater benefits for organic vegetables contain phytonutrients higher. In Indonesia, organic vegetables can now be found on supermarket-specific self-service. It's just that the price is still relatively more expensive and its availability has not been so extensive.

source: kompas.com

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