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30 Extraordinary Properties of Papaya Leaf

Papaya leaf is one of the vegetables taken from the leaves on plants or fruit trees. Indonesians eat papaya leaves as lalab or leaf cooked in a processed way as snacks for cooking rice and also other side dishes. Uniquely papaya leaves have a different taste with the fruit that bitter. But the bitter taste does not limit many Indonesian people to like the leaves of papaya. Even if you can process it, then the leaf will not be too bitter.
Behind the bitter taste, it turns out papaya leaves store millions of flavors and also various benefits for the body. Plants originating from Mexico ii can grow with a height of 30 meters. In addition to Indonesia in fact many countries that consume papaya leaf. What are the benefits:

30 Benefits of papaya Leaf

30 Extraordinary properties of papaya leaf

1). Anti cancer
Like the research obtained from papaya leaf. Journal says that papaya leaves have bitter substances that can prevent cancer coming in the body. In addition, papaya leaves can be recommended for chemotherapy by some cancer patients in the world. This leaf extract regulates T-cells and also boosts the immune system against cancer. Leaves that tasted bitter enough powerful against this dangerous disease. Please consume regularly for every day.

2). Inhibits bacteria
As microorganisms that often cause disease, bacteria can be prevented by using papaya leaves. Carpainnya compounds can inhibit fungi, worms, parasites and bacteria to not enter and affect various body and tissues. This makes the papaya leaf often used as an herbal treatment for bacteria. Papaya leaves can be effective to inhibit the development of bacteria that are sometimes easily transmitted.

3). Protects the intestines
The intestine includes a very vulnerable part of the disease. That way you may be a little worried, how to protect your intestines and keep your food intake. Papaya leaf was able to protect the intestines and remove worms in the lining of the intestinal wall. This is because papaya leaves contain substances that are useful to expel tin worms.

4). Overcome typhoid
In addition to using worm extract, you are experiencing typhoid papaya leaf can use as an effective herbal remedy for you. In general, the content of tannin, karpain and also antibakterinya can relieve typhoid disease caused by bacteria tifose and also relieve symptoms incriminating sufferers. Such as fever, diarrhea, ulcers, and others.

5). Regenerate blood cells
Blood cells are parts of the body that must have normal levels. For those of you who have blood or platelet cells are weakened or excessive it should consume papaya leaves. 50 ingredients and various vitamins including A, C and E so as to protect the body.

6). Anti Malaria
Malaria is one of the most endemic diseases in some parts of Indonesia. For that you must be smart in maintaining food intake so as not to get worse or more susceptible to malaria. Papaya leaf proved to have anti-malarial content. Although not yet specifically described, but research has made the decision that papaya leaves contain anti malaria.

7). Prevent dengue fever
In addition to malaria, dengue fever is a deadly disease caused by Dengue virus due to mosquitoes. Dengue fever is a disease that does not look critical and dangerous. That way you can take advantage of papaya leaves that contain pain relievers when stricken with dengue fever. In addition, because papaya leaves contain papain enzyme ingredients that can increase the body's platelets needed when dengue fever. If you have dengue fever then take advantage of papaya leaves.

8). Reduces menstrual pain
In addition to the bitter taste of papaya leaves can relieve pain in menstruation. Especially if you are not married, you can use papaya leaves to remove "sumilangeun" or stomachache due to difficult menstruation. Papaya leaves contain a variety of vitamins that nourish. In addition you also do not feel lack of blood.

9). Improve immunity
Immunity is very important, its function is of course to protect the body from various threats such as disease. The immune system can be obtained from the consumption of nutritious and healthy foods. As well as vitamin C and also minerals. These nutrients you can get inside the papaya leaf.

10). Helps digestion
A substandard digestion is usually due to lack of fiber. Papaya leaves contain papain enzymes as well as fibers that aid digestion in overcoming disorders such as constipation or constipation. For more potent, you can use papaya leaves by drinking boiled water or eating the leaves directly.

11). Overcoming Acne
Instead of using unnatural ingredients is not it better to use natural ingredients? Today's chemicals remove acne and also make the skin or skin layer become lifted continuously and make skin look thin and peel. Of course this situation is avoided by some people because it looks scary. It turns out to overcome the acne can get from papaya leaves because it can cope with acne naturally. Antibacterial ingredients in papaya leaves help remove the invading bacteria when the face is dirty and causes acne to arise.

12). Prevent cataracts
It turns out that although many cataracts are treated with surgery, for those of you who have recently been exposed to cataracts. You can minimize everything with papaya leaves. Papaya leaves contain vitamin A is very high and can affect you in cleaning the eyes of cataracts. Consumption of this leaf is either raw or cooked regularly every day.

13). Emphysema
Emphysema is one of the lung diseases. Although rare to have this disease, but quite disturbing because it involves one of the vital organs of the lungs. Emphysema can be avoided and treated with papaya leaves. Boil this leaf and drink regularly, its vitamin D content can be used to eliminate or alleviate the emphysema suffered by you.

14). A natural conditioner
By using chemicals, hair so easy to dirty, berketombe or gray. Then you can use papaya leaf extract as a natural conditioner. With anti-bacterial content you can clean the rest of the shampoo and also clean the scalp. So there is no more dirt in the head. Destroy the papaya leaf and wipe it on the head evenly.

15). Eliminate dandruff
Dandruff can be counted as hair droppings due to bacteria. Anti-dandruff shampoo materials sometimes even aggravate dandruff on the head. Carpain compounds on papaya leaves are effective to clean and remove the rest of the chemicals that stick to the head and become dandruff.

16). Cleaning face
Faces that have stains or acne scars can be overcome with papaya leaves. Carpain compounds on papaya leaves help remove stains. You can mix papaya leaves or extracts, then mix it with honey or ingredients like olive oil. Apply on face so that the skin is not only clean but smooth and also healthy nourishment, without dangerous materials.

17). Increased appetite
Although bitter but papaya leaves can increase your appetite. If it is difficult to eat in children then give a papaya leaf that is given a little salt and also warm water. After that mix and puree, then take part sari. This herb is very safe for both children and adults. Although it will not like the beginning, papaya leaf nutrients such as papain, vitamins and minerals actually increase appetite so more voracious.

18). Treating colic
Children usually experience abdominal pain due to bloating or drinking too much milk. This can you siasati by eating papaya leaves. This leaf pounded with just a little whiting and leaves dadap serep. Then puree evenly and apply on the stomach evenly like oil. Do it regularly, various contents of 50 compounds on papaya leaves will give warmth to the stomach.

19). Lose weight
For those of you who are looking for substitute foods like vegetables but are tired of it-that's it. Then you can consume papaya leaves. Protein content of 8 grams and fat is only 2 grams and many vitamins and calories will fill the body and suitable for diet. For those of you who lack water in the body such as dehydration, then you can consume papaya leaves containing water up to 75 grams.

20). Reduce intestinal worms
Sad if a child already has a worm disease right? It turns out papaya leaf contains carposide that is useful for your child who has worm disease. So the body does not go fat and the stomach is not healthy. Treat worming can be obtained from the papaya leaf.

21). Treating hypertension
Hypertension is a disease suffered by high blood pressure. Generally the symptoms that arise like dizziness, head like beaten hammer, tense shoulders, as well as some tightness in the shoulders and also the chest. Hypertension can be reduced by papaya leaf stew that lowers high blood pressure. Calcium content and also calories but low in fat.

22). Providing nutrition for toddlers
High content of vitamins and minerals in papaya leaves can overcome malnutrition in infants. Nutrition for toddlers is very important because toddlers are still in the age that need nutrients to grow. Papaya leaves have a very rich content and also menutrisikan many content in toddlers. Give a papaya leaf stew, and give a little honey for toddlers

23). Apply the meat and reduce the fat
For those of you who have a history of cholesterol but you really want to eat foods like meat, you can add papaya leaves when cooking meat. Wrap raw meat with squeezed papaya leaves then freshly cooked. Papaya leaves will help reduce fat and mengempukan meat. This theory can also be used, for you who want to burn fat.

24). Breastfeeding
For pregnant women papaya leaf is prohibited because it harms the fetus, but for nursing mothers of nice papaya leaf. Mainly because papaya leaves have many vitamins. But for breastfeeding mothers are not consumed but rather stick the leaves after burning on the fire until wilted and paste while warm in the breast except the nipple. If consumed then breast milk will come bitter and baby does not want to breastfeed.

25). Ease urination
Urination helps a lot of people to clean and remove various toxins. Because with the urine all the harmful and unused ingredients in the body are thrown away. Papaya leaves contain karpein which helps ease urine discharge so as not to cause disease.

26). Keep your body fit
Papaya leaves can keep the body in order to stay in shape. In addition to its bitter but healthy taste, papaya leaves also contain enough water to keep the body from dehydrating and stay fit even though the scale is small.

27). Helps break down proteins
The amount of protein consumed by you can be broken down and more easily processed by papaya leaves, this leaves provide ease in digesting foods such as eating high protein because papaya leaves contain papain enzymes. This enzyme will help in total. So the body will not store more food that fills the body.

28). Anti-cold medication
Anti-cold medicines are good for those of you who live in cold places such as mountains or humid areas. Papaya leaves contain papain enzymes that are useful for the formation of antidingin drugs. You do not have to always drink warm drinks and even liquor like beer to warm the body.

29). Gastritis
Papaya leaf containing papain enzyme can treat gastritis disease in humans. Gastritis is a condition of irritation or inflammation of the stomach is acute and also chronic. Gastritis is one disease with organic dyspepsia group, namely the existence of organic abnormalities in the body.

30). Dyspepsia

Dyspepsia is one of the digestive diseases that takes on the whole problem. Dyspepsia is similar to ulcers but more categorization and the causes are more diverse. With papaya leaves containing papain enzymes, dyspepsia can be avoided and also reduced. Dyspepsia comes from the Greek language which means bad digestion because it happens by many things. Generally dyspepsia progresses with clinical complaints, then the upper abdomen has a relapse of pain complaints. In addition, the patient will feel the heat on the pit of the liver.

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Do You Know Cucumber Suri ?

Cucumber suri is one of the fruits included in the members of the pumpkin. Cucumber flesh is white, soft and has many seeds. The fruit of this one is oval-shaped, sweet taste, has a fragrant aroma and the skin of the fruit is yellow. Cucumber suri also has high water content so it can serve as a refreshment menu when thirsty. In addition to delicious consumption, cucumber suri also proved to have good health benefits. Even this fruit has many nutrients needed by the body to keep the body healthy.

The content contained in cucumber surge is potassium, magnesium, manganese, silica, linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B6, Vitamin D, glucose and fructose, fiber and siphoning compounds. All of these contents can make this fruit is very good for health if consumed.

The Benefits of Cucumber for Health
Various cucumber benefits can be obtained when consuming this fruit every day:

Improve the body's immune system
Benefits that can be obtained if consumed regularly every day is useful to help maintain and improve the body's immune system. In addition, it can repair damaged skin tissue and body cells. This is because this fruit contains vitamin C is high enough.

Health joints
There are many ways to maintain joint health such as exercise regularly, consumption of good foods for joint health, consumption of foods that contain silica, and so forth. One of the foods that contain silica is cucumber suri. Because the content is useful to strengthen the connective tissue that can make joints strong and healthy.

Ward off free radicals
Cucumber suri has many content including vitamins A, B and C and minerals. All of these contents play a useful antioxidant to ward off free radicals.

Eye health
Cucumber suri has a good vitamin A to maintain eye health. It also contains ascorbic acid and coffee acid which are useful for lowering water retention rates and can reduce swelling of the eyes.

Maintaining blood pressure
Suroons also contain potassium, magnesium and fiber that are helpful in maintaining blood pressure under normal conditions.

Healthful digestion
Cucumber suri is also rich in fiber content. The content is useful to maintain the function of the digestive system to stay healthy. Besides cucumber cucumber, there are many foods that contain high fiber such as cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, brown rice, wheat and fruits such as papaya, banana, apple, and sapodilla.

Other benefits of cucumber surge for health are lowering the risk of cancer, lowering bad cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels, excellent for heart health, maintaining joint health, helping to alleviate kidney and bladder problems. Not only that, eastern suri is also useful for beauty that can maintain skin elasticity, maintain skin health and prevent premature aging. Even the cucumber is a good fruit for diet.

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How Make Soursop Leaf Tea for Diabetes

Soursop tree can not only be utilized only fruit that has a fresh taste, but the leaves we can use as ingredients to make traditional herbs. Benefits of soursop leaves have a compound that is very beneficial for health such as fiber, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, fat, vitamin C, water and carbohydrates. All the substances are efficacious in overcoming various diseases, one of which is diabetes.
how make soursop leaf tea for diabetes

The cause of diabetes is divided into several types, including:

Diabetes mellitus type 1

This type of diabetes mellitus is a diabetes caused by a decrease in the ratio of insulin in the blood because Disappear beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas langerhans.

Diabetes mellitus type 2

This type of diabetes mellitus is caused because there are abnormalities in metabolism caused by mutations in many genes, this type of diabetes can usually be treated by diligent exercise to maintain weight and diet in consuming excessive carbohydrate intake.

Diabetes mellitus type 3

The outbreak of diabetes is usually experienced by pregnant women and will usually recover by itself after childbirth, but so did not rule out if the disease can affect pregnancy if not maintained irregular diet.

Here is how make soursop leaf to treat diabetes.

Wet way
First we prepare 10 pieces of soursop leaves are still fresh, after that we boiled with 2 cups water to boiling and only remaining 1 cup. Then drink the soursop leaf potion in a warm, drink regularly 2 times a day 1 cup morning and afternoon.

How to dry
For dry way is by drying 10 sheets of soursop leaves over the sun until completely dry, then grind or blend until the leaves of soursop like a fine flour. Next brewed with hot water, so it tastes better you can add a little pure honey. Drink regularly 2 times a day 1 cup morning and afternoon.

Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

Who does not know the guava fruit? Of course everyone knows and often eat it. The sweet taste and vitamin content in it makes this fruit is widely consumed by the community. In addition to the fruit that can be eaten and has many benefits, it leaves also can be consumed to treat various diseases.

Not only that, now guava leaves can also overcome various problems that occur in your face. Inside guava leaves there are many substances that are good for health and beauty of the face. Antioxidants contained in the leaves contain antiseptics that can kill germs that cause trouble beauty problems. So what are the benefits of guava leaves for the face and how to use it?

In general, the benefits of guava fruit is to treat dengue fever. The content of vitaminnya can reduce platelets in the patient's body. Then, these young guava leaves can also be used to treat stomach diseases such as diarrhea. For that, for more details, will be discussed some of the benefits produced by guava leaves.
the benefits of guava leaves for faces

Benefits of Guava Leaf for a Beautiful Natural Look

Eliminate acne and scars
Acne is a very scary thing for some people. Acne skin will look dull and less pleasing to the eye. Therefore, many of them use a variety of chemical drugs to eliminate them. Apparently there is a natural way that can be used to remove acne and scars. The trick is by applying the juice of this guava leaf. Choose some fresh guava leaves then wash them thoroughly. After that add water and squeeze the leaves. After that, apply the juice to the face of acne and do regularly, surely your acne will dry out.

Eliminating blackheads
In addition to acne medication, it turns out the benefits of guava leaves for the face is to remove blackheads. Blackheads are dirt residual makeup or dust that sticks to the face usually in the nose. Guava leaves can be used to remove it by means of scrubs. Rub ruby leaves that have been finely ground into a face that mengkedo and let stand a few minutes. After that rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Prevent early pening or wrinkles
Wrinkles or early penis become the scariest specter for people in their thirties. Some people want to keep his face young with no wrinkles at all. Well, to prevent premature aging, can be done by using guava leaves. This leaves need to be boiled until cooked and boiled water used to wash the face. If done every day, your facial skin will look younger and free of wrinkles.

Treating itching or allergies on the skin
Allergies and itching of the skin can be caused by several factors, among others, due to lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the body. It can also be itchy due to incorrect eating and unsuitable cosmetic use. Allergies can cause the face to become red spots.
Well, the benefits of guava leaves for the next face is to treat itching or allergies. Way, the leaves smoothed first and then smeared into the face that experience itching and allergies. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

It turns out very easy to overcome and treat beauty problems without using chemicals, is not it? That's some of the benefits of guava leaves for faces that can be tried at home without spending an expensive cost. By using natural ingredients available in your environment, all facial problems can be handled practically.